When we practice loving kindness and compassion

we are the first ones to profit


My Story

Dear family and friends,

I would like to share with you something that has been on my mind and in my heart for a while.

It all started two years ago, when I was sitting at the funeral of a young woman. As one person after another got up to share their stories about her, to say their words of love and to talk about the impact she had had on their lives, I was touched by how special and treasured she was. All throughout the service, I was wondering if, before she passed, she knew to what extent she had affected people's lives, if she had any idea of the way they all felt about her and if she realized the great memories she had left behind.

I was saddened to realize that we seldom take the time to share messages of love and appreciation.
We save them in our hearts and often express ourselves when it is too late.

For that reason, I decided to give myself this special gift for my birthday.
A gift of "Loving-Kindness" (or "Metta" in the Pali Language).
I made a promise to myself to go on a lifetime journey and start this challenge/mission.

From Your End:

I invite whoever feels that they have something to say about me, to please not to wait to say it at my funeral. It would fill my heart with pure happiness if you went to this website and wrote it down. You can post it as a message and/or a picture of something we shared (I can post it for public view or keep it private).

Along with the virtual message, I wanted a tangible object to connect me to you.
So I am also requesting that you send me a bracelet (Similar to the ones I have on my wrist in the picture above). I will be wearing that bracelet forever…YES FOREVER !!!

From My End:

In addition to never removing my bracelets, I will perform a daily ritual called “Metta Bhavana”.
This Buddhist meditation practice emphasizes the importance of fostering the quality of loving-kindness (Check the last tab for more information).

Every day I use my bracelets as praying beads. While touching, and feeling separately each one of them, I send my thoughts of loving-kindness and my sincere wishes for a healthy, happy, and peaceful you. I start with the people who put a bracelet in my arm but of course I extend my wishes further. I send them to whoever crosses my mind, to strangers walking by me and even to people I dislike.

I encourage you to read more about the practice and, more importantly, to participate in my challenge, and why not maybe try it yourself by following the guided meditation in the last tab.
Cultivating benevolence is believed to contribute to the overall peace and happiness of the world.